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On Monday night, members of Altus High School's wrestling team and their parents gathered outside Coach William Williams's office to dedicate the Altus Schools ring center. Coach Williams was presented with a check on Monday night on behalf of everyone in the Altu community. I'm proud that I've always been around the corner, not just for myself but for everyone else.

He has had a huge amount of support and it is my duty to pray for Nick and his family every day. I am very grateful for the great support of the Altus-Gymnasium community and the community as a whole for their support.

I would be hard - I would struggle to find someone who has given so much to this profession and I have to thank my coaching family for allowing me to teach and coach with passion. I am delighted that my son will have the opportunity to grow with this program and experience first-hand the culture Nick has built up in the Altus program. As the father of a potential future Bulldog wrestler, I can't help but think you won't find a coach who works harder at their craft. These guys know that winning the Carl Albert Tournament is hugely important for the program, but they also know that we have been working on this program for years.

The biggest difference between varsity and junior high is that of kids I # Ve had to wrestle, "Blankenship said. A lot of older, bigger kids have struggled, which has made it a lot harder, but I'm happy for them.

Moore's most impressive victory so far was perhaps against Sapulpa, where he beat the 6ft 3in, 170 pound junior wrestler. It really allowed me to negate the greatness that was given to me as a heavyweight, "Moore said.

Blankenship won by a fall over Sand Springs' Riley Weir, who won the 113 championship in 6A last year, to reach the final against Sapulpa. Heindselman recorded a 2: 37 lead in the final bout of the tournament against Montana Phillips' Lawton MacArthurs, who won last year's 5A heavyweight title. The entire field cruised to victory with falls, including Edmond Memorials' Garrett Johnson's pin board at 3: 32 for the 120 crown. This comes after he won his first state title last week with £120.

At first glance, Piedmont didn't look like it had done well, but the Wildcats won the tournament title and ended up with a 3-0 record, led by Josh Heindselman's 285-yard triumph. Edmond Memorial improved to 6th and is now fifth in the state, while Edmonds Santa Fe dropped from third to first. Skiatook Duncan from Piesmont - Altus, who is fighting Carl Albert for the Malcolm Wade Invitational crown, was the first place finisher in his weight class, and second place came from the comfort class, where he finished third.

These guys are learning that they can compete against the best 5A teams in the state, "Ford said. Hill said Coach Williams had put together a program that has battled year after year for the national championship in Class 5a. He has produced some of the best high school wrestlers in the state's history and was named coach of the year in 2010.

The Bixbys wrestling phenomenon is 24-0 at 120 pounds, and that includes two state titles and three state championships. As a newcomer, he won four tournaments and was also named the most outstanding wrestler in the tournament, "Moore said. Muncy, also a fierce competitor, finished third in the Oklahoma High School Athletic Association national championship last year and added several more awards this year.

David Glover, who is filling in for the bottom job, is 99 percent done with his job earlier this week. He has worked hard on his football skills and fitness and will be able to contribute to more Aggie football success. I was told he would be a senior in the autumn, so take whatever the coaches give him and work hard.

He averaged around 20 points and was a solid rebounder and rim guard in the eight games before the switch. Duke has managed most opponents since arriving and is playing at a high level in its first full college basketball season.

On Saturday it was really exciting to see guys collect a lot of bonus points and wrestle with guys to give us the boost we needed. What it means is that the playoffs are close and I love that part of the season. Many people were outraged by his dismissal, but this has been happening for years.

The Bulldogs family rallied around their beloved coach, raising more than $3,500 for his ALS take-down campaign. A reception followed with a presentation where the Bulldogs family, coach and supporters could show their love and gratitude for the coach. Coach Nick Williams is loved by all of us and his supporters as well as his players, coaches and fans.

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