Altus Oklahoma Music

My mother always told me that you only get bored if you choose to be bored, so you go out and explore the culture you belong to. As a waitress and bartender in Altus, I promise you that I will be asked nine times a day what I do in the world and what I do in Altus Oklahoma.

Meer enjoys the world's most famous burger and does not forget to order the sweet tea in a preserving jar. Charlie is an officer at the club and while May was only a club member, he is now open to anyone who has access to the basic facilities. May is now open to anyone who has a base and access, but previously it was only a club member.

In fact, most of the regulars in the town centre are old men who have been stationed here since the 1970s. Some have decided to stay, but others have fallen in love with the city, its history and its music.

An AUTHENTIC Tex-Mex meal to be enjoyed in La Taqueria in the square in front of the Altus courthouse. Here in Oklahoma we have some of the best restaurants in town and certainly one of my favorite places. My state dish was chicken fried steak, but for a very small fee I tried one at Fred's Steakhouse.

More About Altus

More About Altus