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The route is short and easy, so you will find time for a little sightseeing, golf and skiing. I would also recommend visiting the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, which is less than an hour east and the Western Prairie is just minutes away. There is something going on at the Quanah Hotel and the hotel is right next to a golf course So it's easy to get up and down the slope on the greens.

It is about 20 minutes north of us, so it is worth visiting, but not as much as the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge or the Western Prairie.

Altus Air Base is also nearby and staff make sure you have everything you need for a relaxing holiday, whether you are here for business or pleasure. We often stay at the Quanah Hotel and when we need to go online or print something out, there is a business center with a few computers and a printer. This is home to an air force base, so it's probably not a place people would normally visit in Oklahoma.

If you feel uncomfortable and don't bother to go to the grocery store, there is a dining room where snacks, meals, drinks and toiletries are sold. There is also a dispenser if you need bleach or detergent, as long as you buy the items to the dispenser.

The day I took this photo, there was an omelette with pieces of turkey and sausage, but that changed another day. English muffins (or a few of them) were slightly more expensive, about $4.50 for a single muffin or $5.00 for two.

The toiletries from Neutrogena have a casing that looks like the casing of Hampton Inns, but they have different colors, different sizes and different styles. To the right of the shower is a high shelf that has proved helpful for storing my own toiletries. There is also a bench, which is used to place items on it, as well as a table with a few chairs and a couch.

The room looks out over the cotton fields to the west, and I love that we have a beautiful sunset in the evening. Shae could have behaved in her room at Aloft Tulsa Downtown, but I'm glad she didn't.

The Hardeman County Historic Prison and Museum offers guests at the Quanah hotel a touch of culture and history, and we had a good stay in that regard. If you are looking for a comfortable, clean hotel for your stay, then you have it covered with spotlessly clean rooms. The swimming pool is a little cooler than we would have liked, but the room is very warm, which we liked.

In 1941, a 9-hole urban golf course was built, originally called "The Way" and used as a hiking trail. Altus is a small town on the Oklahoma-Texas border, stretching from Wichita Falls to Texas. At the same time, the Altus, Wichita, Falls and Hollis Railway, which became the Wichita - Falls Northwestern Railway in 1911 and was taken over by the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad in 1922, built a line to the borders of Altus / Oklahoma / Texas.

In 1908, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, which acquired the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient railroads in 1929, built a line to Altus.

The bathroom is on the left when you enter the room and is well sized and has a long vanity blanket that holds the sink. It is also the best size, with the only drawback that the tree in the photo above does not provide shade (shade only).

We stopped at the reception a few more times, but the staff member was back at the hotel and had a cigarette. There is an additional coffee and tea station in the lobby directly behind the reception, which is available 24 hours a day. To the right of the large desk is a narrow closet that houses a mini-fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

I did not pay attention to the lobby so I did not see any waiting times, but I could see the reception and a small coffee and tea station at the back of the hotel. The staff at the reception is not important to me, although I was a little disappointed when the bacon was not brought for breakfast.

I like how close the hotel is to Altus Dog Park and how much grass is outside, as well as the view of the stray prairie dogs and bison. Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge has prairies, dogs, bison and other wild animals roaming in the wild. I have been there to see them, but there are many different species of animals such as buffalo, elk, coyote, fox, owl, wolf, deer, elk and much more.

The Georgia Pacific Corp. brings many business travelers to town, and the welcoming Quanah Hotel makes you feel right at home. Located just a few blocks from Altus Dog Park and Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, the Quanahs Hotel is a great place to stay for a night or two.

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More About Altus