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Calvin People killed in Crash - Live from Local News Sources - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. - Calvin People, Calvin, Oklahoma, crash killed - live from local news sources.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says 54-year-old Johnny Leemaster died and a man died after an accident in Mayes County, Oklahoma, on Saturday night. Wesley Shane Bowline, 24, died Thursday at a Tulsa hospital from injuries he sustained in the news. Authorities are investigating the crash that killed one Pryor man and injured another, the Oklahoma State Patrol said. A 19-year-old man from Pryor was killed and another 19-year-old was injured in a crash in Mayes County over the long weekend on June 6. Oklahoma Highway Police say they are investigating a fatal crash between a truck and a pickup truck on the highway near the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 35 in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says 54-year-old Johnny Leemaster died on November 30, 2019. Terrelle Pryor was stabbed last night in an apartment complex in Pittsburgh and is in critical condition. Charlotte authorities are investigating an accident on the L-485 that left five dead and three seriously injured, according to paramedics.

The Oklahoma State Highway Patrol reports one death after a car crashed into a tree on the east lane of the L-485 in Charlotte on November 30, 2019. Authorities and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded to a report of an accident at the intersection of North Main Street and L.A. Boulevard about 7: 30 a.m.

The agency's traffic accident monitoring system shows that an emergency call was received at 11: 35 a.m. about an accident at the intersection of North Main Street and L.A. Boulevard. The Yalonda M. Highway Patrol arrived at the scene around 11 a.m. 59, according to the agency. Get the latest weather, traffic and directions news in Alton, Oklahoma and other parts of the state with the ALTUS newsletter.

A woman was driving northbound on State Street, according to the Yalonda M. Highway Patrol's traffic accident monitoring system. She was traveling in the left lane of North Main Street at the intersection of L.A. Boulevard.

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Traffic accident reports and findings from Pryor, Oklahoma, with live updates from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. Traffic reports have reported a fatal accident on Interstate 40 near the intersection of I-40 and Interstate 75 in Pryor Oklahoma.

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Wheat producers can evaluate more than 45 varieties at the Red River Crops Conference, January 17-18, in Altus, Oklahoma. Oklahoma farmers who want to get a better understanding of the different aspects of their crops should now plan to attend the Oklahoma Pecan Management Course 2017 at Oklahoma State University. With a focus on the growing aspects as opposed to baking opportunities, make sure you and those more interested attend this year's Oklahoma for PECAN Management course offered by Oklahoma State University! The required training credits were raised by attending the Red River Crops Conference and the annual conference of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association of Oklahoma by attending the 2016 and 2017 conferences and by attending the Red River Crop Conference on January 17 and 18, both in Altus.

Get a free setlist from the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Setlists on their website, Facebook page and Twitter page. Rent - A - Wreck was founded in 1968 and is a company specializing in luxury minivans and vans for leisure and pleasure, offering vans for sale in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina and Texas. Located in Altus, Oklahoma, the hotel is listed as a "Rent A W Wreck" under the number 9188257676. You can call their number or call (918) 988-705-5555.

The Pryor Clinic, Oklahoma is located at 9188257676 in Altus, Oklahoma, south of Oklahoma City International Airport.

The Museum of the Western Prairie tells the story of southwest Oklahoma, from the beginnings of irrigated agriculture to the present day, and tells the story of Oklahoma Cemeteries, Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City International Airport, and more. This free audio tour takes listeners on a journey through museum exhibits that tell the stories of southwestern Oklahoma. The photo project welcomes Altus, OK Community News to its first annual photo project "Altus in Heartland."

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