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The story of the artist behind this sculpture is as colorful as the sculpture itself, and turns into a story about the history of Oklahoma art, from its origins to its current state of development.

Dotty was the first member of the Altus ballroom dancers she founded after meeting her husband Tom and his wife Dotty. Tom has volunteered over the years and participated in a number of events at Deer Creek High School, from founding the Rattlesnake Roundup cooking team to participating in and directing the school's annual Rattlesneak Roundup and Rattleback Festival. The sculpture, created in collaboration with Dan Garrett, stands in front of Deer Creek High School and shows a deer with antlers. Antlers are our school mascot, but behind the antler sculpture there is more than just the horns of the deer.

The Bewleys also created this year's glass bowl, which was handed over to donors for the Allied Art Campaign. They even produced the glass bowls that were distributed to donors in the latest Allied art campaign.

So we bought the oven and the supplies and tools to make the glass, and Tracey designed the design for MTM Recognition. I love to play with large design spaces and figure out how to emphasize the metal holding the NBC sculpture, so I loved the idea of showing the color of the glass in a large glass bowl with a little bit of color in it. So we met in the studio where we met all those years ago and worked on the designs for MTM recognition, and we showed them and they showed us.

Dorothy's "art" will be on display for the next two weeks at the Allied Arts Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Applicants may request support from their employers and others to participate in Leadership in the Arts. These optional letters are available for download and download. For more information, visit the Allied Arts website or Dorothy's office at (405) 542-5555.

To send flowers to the families of Thomas, Tom and George Henderson, please click here to visit the Sympathy Store. A memorial is being held at Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium, TX 79556, and a service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 20, 2017, at the Allied Arts Museum Memorial Chapel in Oklahoma City.

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Customers and employees agree that the Bewleys "work is one of the best and most unique artworks in the entire state of Oklahoma.

As part of the NBC redevelopment, Rick and Tracey Bewley, who have over 30 years of experience in the art world as artists and architects, created a fused glass and metal sculpture that is 1.60 meters high and fits into the walls of the NBC main building on the second floor. The performance hall and the associated art studio were built for students of the Quartz Mountain Art Institute. It was also built for the first time in its history and houses students from the Quartz Mountain Art School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and its sister school, the Oklahoma State Museum of Art in Tulsa.

Dick and Dotty provided the aircraft to promote pride in our diverse Western heritage. A steel layered artwork, "The Oklahoma Heart Hospital," was created by the Oklahoma State Museum of Art and the Oklahoma City Art Museum and hangs on the wall of Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

Irma Bocock, a German national who became dear friends, came to us in Oklahoma City to help us take care of our newly adopted son, who could not speak a word of English. Tom's death follows the deaths of his wife Betty and their three children Tom, Dick and Dotty, as well as his mother Irma.

Dotty enjoyed taking the children to factories, museums and antique stores, and Dick became a member of the Oklahoma City Art Guild, the first of its kind in Oklahoma. Under her guidance, we expanded the music and art programs from secondary school to high school and then to college. The high schools on Park Lane held our first college classes in the old church building. We were members of the guild and were employed by the head of the music department of our school and the music director at the time of his death.

More About Altus

More About Altus